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  • GDPR and processing of personal data

    1. We have a subscription based service that stores a users identifying information as well as a transaction history. As this information is only used internally, and is not shared outside of the company, are we still forced to abide by GDPR?
  • Legal provisions of the BDSG and DSGV

    Which legal provisions of the BDSG and DSGV are to be considered as university employees in the storage and transmission of student information to other universities in Germany and in the EU? Best regards.
  • EU GDPR course certificate

    If I successfully complete the course and pass the exam to receive my certification, is the certification acknowledge and accepted in the USA?
  • GDPR and sensitive data

    EU representative, whether DOB and diagnosis of a disease constitute sensitive data under GDPR, whether we need DPIA and PIA before launching a new web-based platform.
  • EU GDPR marketing and consent

    If I create a landing page with MailChimp where I ask the user to subscribe for a newsletter do I have to have the consent solution? Because I wanted to understand this on Mailchimp there is the parameter of the GDPR consent and the user can unsubscribe when he wants
  • Applicable for GDPR?

    Hi I want to understand the applicability of GDPR for my organization. If I am an entity who is not in EU/Europe and say in the middle east and running a retail business in the gulf but I collect and process European citizen personal data as they are my customers. I collect, process and use their data in some business process/analytics to capture and see their shopping trends for business development. Am I applicable for GDPR? Should I be GDPR compliant? Please advise Thanks
  • GDPR and inventory of processing activities

    My company is a US based company that provides expense reimbursement to our customers. We have many employees in the US but very few in the EU. We also have EU customers. Customer data includes the name (phone number & business email address) of contact person for a customer. With respect to inventory of processing activities:
  • Business email address & telephone number

    My company is a business to business company. We provide expense management for telephone communications for business customers. We collect business email, business telephone and contact names of our customer contact. Are business email & business telephone information relevant under GDPR as this is related to business activities? Customer contact name is relevant, correct?
  • Website and data storage

    1. I want to build a website for my business and have a section to collect messages for the clients interested in buying or renting a property. Are there any specific requirements?
  • Anti-spam regulations

    1. Hi. I would be grateful for some guidance on anti-spam regulations vis-a-vis the GDPR. What are they?
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