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  • Legal basis and contracts

    Do I require to make consent forms if I'm working on a contractual legal basis?

  • Data deletion request

    I have a question regarding a data deletion request -  once we delete all the data do we need to inform the data subject that the deletion has been done? Is there an official form that we need to send the data subject? Or anything we should do or be aware of?

  • GDPR in software development and blockchain

    We are developing a mobile app where we scan documents, ask for data in forms and use blockchain.

    We want to make sure we comply with GDPR. Especially around:
    -data retention, is hashing data enough?
    -anonymized vs pseudonymized. Are we understanding it correctly?
    -data access by personell. Is it ok that developers and database admin can see some of the data
    -how to know when data is misused, mis-accessed, or breached
    -are we a data processor or controller?

  • Encrypting customer data

    "I want to understand if as per GDPR compliance if we need to encrypt customer data while storing in Database?

  • Data capture

    My boss wants me to send an introduction email to try and secure more business from a list of emails the sales team have given him but I have told him we cannot send an email campaign without getting proven opt in from them. Am I correct?

  • House Planning Application

    My partner and I have employed a company to prepare and submit a planning application for a house here in ***. This company completed the process and the application was refused. This company is now trying to get the decision overturned by seeking a ruling from what's known as a board ***. The correspondence to a board *** and the company has taken place behind close doors and the company is withholding the information from us. What rights do we have seen how this company would have used or personal information to correspond with a board ***.
  • GDPR Articles for the recruitment

    I was looking for articles that would be simpler than the original but have the exact same meaning.
    Could you help me to get the right articles used for the Recruitment?
    I mean, what would be the relevant articles that would be applicable to the recruitment team?"
    I am currently working on preparing checking list for the recruitment team
    So, it would be helpful if I could be help with that regard
    Could you also help me with GDPR Articles for the recruitment team

  • Article 12 (3) general data protection

    I would like to inquire the reasons why a time extension is required so that I can have access to my information for 3 months. I requested to view my records as a matter of urgency and understood this would take a month. Now it will take until 17th May 2020. Thank you for your help.

  • EU GDPR Data

    Hi. What are the obligations for an entity given the regulations under GDPR with regard to:

    • Usage, Collection, Processing, and Storage of CCTV Data
    • Collection, Processing, and Storage of Biometric Data
  • Data Processing Agreement

    I have a question about GDPR I hope you can help with.
    We have some customers (data controllers) for which we are processing data, however, we have no Data Processing Agreement in place with the customer.
    Is it our responsibility to approach the customer who is the data controller to ensure a DPA is in place and, if so, what is the best way to approach this?

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