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  • Data transfer and data access

    May I please ask you whether data transfer and data access are the same things due to GDPR?

  • Implementing a newsletter delivery system

    Good morning. I need your help. For some days I have been a marketing manager for an industrial hardware store and I would like to implement a newsletter and non-newsletter delivery system.

    This company has never invited promotional emails to customers and has never had a software dedicated to sending emails, however, it has a series of customer contacts acquired over the years. These customers have not yet been sent the famous email to be sent by May 25, containing the information on the GDPR, so I would like to do it. I wanted to understand:

    1. What should I enter as text in this mail? Is the transcription of our privacy policy updated according to the new legislation ok? (but there is a problem: it is very long …)

    2. Do I have to insert a button in th e email to click if the user wants to keep in touch with us?

    3. What should I do with users who do not confirm? Delete them from the database?

  • Questions on EU GDPR

    1. Are there any limitations to the applicability of the GDPR?
  • GDPR in podcasts and video interviews

    Hello! I would like to know about how GDPR applies to the podcasts, video interviews and further providing written information about a person that is interviewed. I would like to make a convent contract for each of my guests to use all the information they provide to publish it on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And on my personal homepage. I want to know where I can get examples of such contracts and if it requires anything specific for guests from America, Asia, and others, if I’m shooting mainly in Europe and publish everything from Europe.

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my client wants an Android app in which personal data is stored. These data can not leave the app. Now the customer wants a processing contract from me.
  • Consent, transferring and encrypting data

    1. Can I transfer medical data to a contractor that builds my database?
  • General Question about EU GDPR

    Hello. I want to set up a local online directory for local businesses. The business would initially get a free listing in the directory and this listing would be generated/populated automatically by the software and would not be a manual process. The free listings in the online directory would show online as well. I would then contact each business to check the listing was correct.
  • DPO and Data breach

    1. How do I know if I need to appoint a DPO?
  • GDPR and data processing

    1. Can I ask some employees to consent for the picture for their company ID card?
  • Privacy Notice, Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy

    What’s the difference between a Privacy Notice, Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy?
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