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  • Applicability of employee data

    If we don’t have any employees in any of the GDPR geographies, then employee data isn’t applicable when completing the GDPR documentation. Is that correct?
  • Complying with EU GDPR

    My company is based in UAE however we provide our services Internationally which means we have to comply with the GDPR rules and regulations and one of them is to have a GDPR officer, is it compulsory to have EU - GDPR Office & representative in Europe?
  • DPIA’s and Clients' data

    I have a question around DPIA’s and our Clients data As a security Monitoring company providing SOC-as-a-service, we are a ‘processor’ to our clients, and we monitor their networks/systems under contractual obligation. Would we be required to carry out DPIA’s on our Client Data as a processor as well as our own data as a controller? From what I understand we would carry out a DPIA on their data if they request that we do so. Is this correct? If this is not clear or you need more information, feel free to let me know.
  • Complying with GDPR

    I have a question regarding GDPR. We would like to share specific information with registered members that belong to research/education institutions. When the user registers he would give information about institution where he works. Can we comply with GDPR if we wanted to check whether this person works at the institution as he stated (via this possibility would be explaied in privacy policy before registration).
  • Question about joint controller

    We have a mobile application that acts as a shopping mall - users register in our application (so we process their personal data), and we have various shops that offer their products and services through our application. Once a user wants to purchase a product/service, we process the payment through the payment processor, and forward the personal data of the user to this shop so that the shop can deliver the product/service directly to the user. So the question is: are we joint controllers with these shops according to GDPR?
  • Videos and names

    Hi there Dejan, I just have a quick question. I recorded videos of my zoom teaching and I always had verbal consent of my students, since the video only shows me, nobody or nothing else. I do say the first name of my students though, when I correct them. Now since I am teaching a lot less online again I have been asked to put up a youtube channel. I initially didn't think I would ever use the recordings to more than just for my own analyzing process. But now I was wondering, is it a data right conflict if I say people's first name in the videos and would upload them publicly? They do not talk and most of them I could probably contact and ask if they're ok with it. Just in case I miss a name somewhere of someone I didn't ask, and I repeat I did never mention the last name nor are they seen anywhere, nor do I say anything but a correction to them, would this be considered a violation of data/personal rights already? Thank you so much in advance. I am sure you usually have other clients. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
  • GDPR query

    1. We are a processor and have received a data subject access request via the controller for a personal data that is bundled together with personal data from several different persons - how should we respond, because if we provide any information, we would reveal personal data from other data subjects as well? 2. For a company based in the UK, should we register the name of our DPO with the ICO?
  • Vendita di un piccolo centro estetico

    Sto vendendo un piccolo centro estetico in provincia di ***. Mi chiedo come e se posso cedere i dati del gestionale alla nuova acquirente, in fondo lei mi paga l'avviamento e si aspetta il numero delle clienti ...grazie
  • Holding data

    Hi. I am brand new to a DPO role. How would it work if we hold data for customers outside of the UK, do we need to follow any GDPR guidelines for their country or as long as we have details in our Privacy this covers us?
  • Basic question on GDPR

    I have few basic question on GDPR 1. Is there a version in GDPR ? (eg. 9001:2015, 27001:2013 etc standards) 2. If yes, what is the duration in which we get a new version ?? 3. Will there be significant changes from the older version ?? 4. Do we have to study & remember all the chapters 1 to 11 (99 Articles) explained in GDPR ?? 5. What do we have to study, to pass CIPM certifications ?
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