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  • GDPR E-mail Question

    Hello, I have a quick question. For a website that doesn't store any cookies, if I place the e-mail address on the website as but the e-mails send there aren't stored on a server, but forwarded to a gmail address, what are the requirements to be GDPR compliant (if any). Do I need to mention that the e-mails are forwarded to gmail? I will only receive emails on the address on the website, i won't do any e-mail marketing. Thanks!
  • Privacy policy on my homepage

    I have a quick question about a privacy policy on my homepage. I am not quite sure at the moment if my site uses Google Fonts. Can I still include this point in my privacy policy as a precaution, or can I explicitly list only the things that are used with 100% certainty?
  • UK -GDPR

    So my access to my company's facebook page was just revoked on fear that having someone outside the Uk as a page admin might make them non compliant to UK GDPR. I need to know if this is true
  • Data transfers to 3rd countries

    Hi! I would like to acquire an advice on how to approach data security obligations within an internationally based organisation which is headquartered in the UK. The company would be collecting data from a 3rd country and part of that data would be stored and processed in Serbia (by the company officers, within the organisations' premises, not 3rd parties). Would the organisation in this case be transferring personal data outside EEA? Storing and transferring would be done by the drop box cloud services. Thank you!
  • Standard Contractual Clauses template

    How can I acquire the UK Employee Clauses (Standard Contractual Clauses) template?   I purchased the GDPR & ISO combination Toolkit from Advisera a few years ago;  is this template available as an add on to the Toolkit or as a  Separate Purchase from Advisera?  I serve as a DPO (Data Protection Officer) as our HR department wants to add this to the employee handbook for our UK employees
  • GDPR - Collection of marketing consent from consumers

    I am working on a web portal where customers can manage how we contact them. It has been suggested that we could remove the postal option in order to save money, however I want to check this is permitted and whether it could be seen as exclusionary i.e. that we should offer marketing via all methods including post.
  • Documents required of a Data Processor

    American company doing business in Europe as a Data Processor.  Of your Premium data set, what documents do we need to fill out?
  • GDPR

    I am from *** and my business is located in ***, we are providing Paas And Iaas Services to a bank in Europe, I will be able to see the data directly but hot having the control to transferor copy, i want to know will GDPR have provision for that, so can you provide the information?
  • Question regarding Data Breach Response Team

    I have a question regarding the "Data Breach Response Team". Should the DPO be a part of that team or is it sufficient to be a part of the process itself (by working in close collaboration with the Team) without being part of the Team that investigates the breach? What is Advisera's recommendation on this issue?
  • Document Set

    American company going to do business with European clients to maintain health data on their patients. Will be hosting in AWS cloud. Is your standard set of templates inclusive of all I need? Does data have to be hosted in European cloud site???
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