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  • State of validation

    State of validation of your templates, especially related to the new 14971:2019. Were already confirmed by notifying body, if yes - which one? I wonder if your consultants can cover risk discussion from a particular device, related to the particular risks affected by this new standard. 

  • ISO 13485 planning related query

    My Query is that we don't have DQ/IQ/OQ records for most equipments since they were purchased long before we made this process. Can we make DQ/IQ/OQ records as on today?

  • ISO 13485 query

    Can you please advise what does a face mask with CE 0197 and ISO 13485 carries what correspondent to what BFC etc?

  • Manufacturing of medical devices

    We are into manufacturing of medical devices (plastics), Is it necessary to monitor temperatures and humidity at warehouse of plastic granules/polymers

  • Vendor Agreement In relation to ISO 13485:2016

    We have a query regarding vendor agreement In ISO 13485:2016, Is it mandatory to have such agreements with vendors. We have internal control measures such as vendor evaluation, rating of vendors for each and every transaction for materials procured, etc.

  • Humidity Control

    What are the %RH control requirements in ISO13485? Thank you!

  • Risk Analysis

    I am working for a medical device distributor and retailer company which is one of the biggest retailers in XYZ. We have decided to have a QMS and ISO 13485 certificate. Firstly, we tried the understand department processes after that we want to know control points in our system. Then we will work for procedures, instructions, lists, and forms. I want to implement an effective risk management system for the current situation. I need to know that what is your suggested way for following issues. creating a team for QMS and also risk management, defining risk management plan, risk assessment methodology, risk analysis, implementation of risk control measures, risk and benefit analysis detection of failures, reports. I have your premium preview about risk management and hazard procedures and related documents. If I buy the Premium document, can I find the way of doing the business? I know ways are depending the organization. However, the methodology and doing business about risk assessment for medical device retailers can be the same. I trust your experiences. What is your advice about the situation? Thank you very much, best regards.
  • Change management

     I am checking your documents now, but I can't find anything about change management which is referred by 4.1.4 of the 13485.

    Could you please advise me how will we show the compliance of this article in our QMS system? A 13485 QMS require a change management procedure or not? If not how we will comply with this article?

  • Lab equipment and instruments

    Hello :) I have questions, please.
    1. I was wondering if you know if the ISO 13485 also covers lab equipment and instrumentation?
    2. Should we have to have the lab equipment at the same QMS standard do you know? under the 13485
  • ISO 13486:2016 certification for a machine

    I have bought a medical-grade machine which has ISO 13486 - 2016 certification. Is it possible for me to get a copy of this certification to display in my clinic?
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