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  • Mandatory ISO 27001 documents and major nonconformity

    I have a question, I find a list of mandatory documents and records and Non-mandatory documents that I should prepare for external auditor as I will mentions them below:
  • Asset owner and custodians

  • ISMS implementation project vs DLP software purchase

    I am part of team of a project implimentation of an information security management system (ISMS), and we are in a phase of launch the project and our application scope is audit and monitoring the web applications. the probleme is there are two other projets is a phase of launch which are acquisition software DLP ( DATA LOSS PREVENTION) and acquisition software for source code audit , My question is :
  • Implement all the controls before certification audit?

    For SOA, status should be “Implemented” for all applicable controls before final audit or even “Planned” is acceptable.
  • ISO 27001/ISO 22301 Toolkit for SAAS environtments

  • Scope with limited resources

  • Predefined time for CCTV camera

  • Key concept of ISMS

  • Data center assets

  • Company that does not develop software