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  • Tema de Tesis: ISO 27001

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  • ISO 27001 for a power plant

  • ISO 27001 for data center

     We are building a data center, which I understand would be a dark site in terms of our ISO certification. And that we just need to show that we have done our due diligence when it comes to ISO, I looked at one the other day that is not ISO certified but is hipaa certified as well as OIXA, SOC and something else. What troubles me is the fact that at on the data center floor there are two exits to the outside. Would this be a problem for ISO 27000 and what is the guidance?
  • Economic resources

     I do not have the economic resources for the acquisition of packages What do you offer. but this free guide helps me although limited, gives me a better idea I'm currently implementing the policies of a company and am recommending the purchase of your packages, I hope that later they can buy them and so have access to such valuable information. Right now I'm interested in a particular policy concerning the audit of systems and control methods; if you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Secure development

  • Poslovnik ISMS kao generalni dokument

    Prilikom implementacije ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 i sl. kao glavni dokument, izra?uje se Poslovnik koji sadrži opšte informacije o privrednom subjektu, pregled procedura i zapisa, eventualno, shemu organizacione strukture.  Molim Vas da mi odgovorite kako izraditi Poslovni ISMS kao krovni dokument. Tako?e me interesuje u koju vrstu dokumenata spada dokumentacija iz Anex-a A (procedure ili nešto drugo). Unapred zahvaljujem.
  • ISO 22301 in the world

     Thank you very much for your support. Our company is indded in the process of developing the BC system in line with ISO 22301, however we have engaged external consultants recommended by Shell and accepted by our management. They are making a big deal of work. We are now in the process of BIA to identify the gaps then the management will take a decision how to proceed further.As I understood there are not many companies around the world who are looking for the formal certification. What do you think- why is that?
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