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  • Can the risk be accepted and the control not applied?

    We are in the initial stages of obtaining our ISO-27001 certification and in doing so we are up to the Pre-certification step. During the pre-certification we reviewed our Statement of Applicability and in particular our Out-of-Scope controls. One control that was found to be a low risk during the Risk Assessment and senior management has agreed to accept the residual risk; and we determined it be out of scope, is being demanded by the auditor to be in-scope. Is that permitted? Based on our scope and boundaries as well as documented exclusions, the control does not come into play. I’m trying to gather some additional information on the determination of in-scope vs. out-of-scope.
  • Setting the ISMS scope for data center

    Since my ISO program is focus on one of our data centers, the data center was maintained by operation team, infra service was supported by Infra Team, also development team for application development
  • Which controls to apply?

    Is there any control that I have an obligation to implement? For example, the control 11.3.1 - Using passwords - I have to use this control considering that all employees work with computers? Or depends on the risk assessment?
  • Certify against ISO 27001 2005 or 2013?

    I am currently implementing the ISO 27000:2005 ISMS and hopefully certify in June or July of 2014, I can do it with the 2005 version and I have to do with the 2013? Why in that case I have to make the transition.
  • BIA questionnaire

    Hello Dejan, What´s the objective of the "Time after which the resource is necessary" in the part 2 (Resources required for recovery)?
  • How to implement all policies and procedures for stage 2

    I've received this question: We have passed Stage 1, Could you please suggest how to implement all policies and procedures for stage 2 and what exactly they check on Stage 2. Answer: At Stage 2 audit, the certification auditors will check if you really operate according to your policies and procedures - so for example if you have written that you will perform backup every 2 hours, then the auditor will check if this is really done so. So the answer to your question is: you have to observe all the rules you have documented.
  • Change in risk assessment methodology in ISO 27001:2013

    In the new ISMS Standard, is there any change in the methodology of calculating Risk to be adopted?
  • Process approach in ISO 27001:2013

    ISO 27001: 2013 is said to no longer be used the process approach. Based on that, it means that the ISMS is to apply to the whole organization, or I can continue implementing an ISMS to a specific company process as long as you define (as always should be) the scope where you will deploy.
  • Reasonable prices for ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27002:2013?

    I saw on the ISO website that these two standards have been published. Could you please tell me where can I purchase/ receive copies for my personal reference at reasonable prices. ISO offers them at exorbitant prices…
  • Appendix_List_of_Statutory_Regulatory_Contractual_and_Other_Requiremen ts_EN

    How specifically is this list used? I am having a difficult time trying to ascertain what should be listed?