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  • Information labeling; destruction of records

    Regarding information labelling, will we need to have all our information labelled or is it ok if employees are doing it as a process going forward?
  • ISO 27001 or COBIT

    I am planning to do ISO 270001. I have also heard about Cobit 5. Can you advise which one to do?
  • ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS

    i got an question about iso27001 vs pci-dss and found no information. maybe you can tell me someting about it. if a company did the iso27001 and handle with ecommerce card infos, is it nessesary to implement the whole pci-dss? i mean, they are very similar and so double doings?!
  • Where to get ISO 22301

    I want to know how to get ISO 22301 and how much it costs
  • Construction of Risk Analysis

    For the construction of RA (Risk Analysis), as you do it, in my situation
  • Preparation for ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Course

    I want to know which would be the best book to study for ISO 27001 lead auditor course, as i see Mr.Kosutic is an expert in this area
  • Where can I get new ISO 27001?

    I heard new ISO 27001 is published soon - where can I download it?
  • Appointing an external person to do the pre-assessment

    When using your template, is it necessary to appoint an external person to do the pre assessment before getting certified? I mean follow your template and make sure we have all the document ready as per template.
  • Policy vs. standard

    What is the absolute difference between a policy and a standard?
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