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  • Data Sharing vs Data Processing agreements

    What is the difference between Data Sharing Agreements and Data Processing Agreements. Is it a breach of GDPR to not have both?
  • Standard Contractual Clauses Annexes

    Thank you for the Standard Contract, does the document cover both Controller to Controller and also Controller to Processor transfers or is there another download I need to get please?
  • Cross border data transfer

    In case you have a development team in Manilla (Philippines) working on Servers that are in the Amazon Cloud in Europe (Ireland) , is this subject of transfer to “outside Europe” countries from GDPR point of view or can I assume this is Europe (so GDPR applicable as it was in Europe)?
  • Data processing agreement

    1. Am I right in thinking we can use the Supplier Data Processing Agreement in the toolkit (A.15.2) to send to our corporate clients instead or should we wait until they issue their own version to us?
  • Contractual clauses for sub-processors

    Are there standard contractual clauses for sub-processors?
  • Third Party Management

    Wondering if you had any information on Third Party Management regarding specifically - Joint Controller Agreements? Templates or specific information?
  • Unsubscribe or delete

    When we email people on our list who live in an EU country and ask them if they want to stay on our list, do we have to unsubscribe or delete them from our system if they do not respond?
  • Data processors

    To comply with GDPR, is it enough for our 3rd party data processors to have terms of service which comply with GDPR. Or do we need to get updated signed contracts for all processors?
  • Directive 95/46/EC

    Kindly ask you to answer why the documents keep within the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995?
  • Dropbox

    I have a question regarding Dropbox. We currently store all of our company document here. I wouldn't say there was personal data stored here but sensitive data we store in order to work with our clients. With regards to deleting and getting rid of this data, is this something you need to do in order to be GDPR compliant? Dropbox is currently GDPR compliant, so do we need to do anything further?
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