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  • Applicability of GDPR on business secret data

    Does GDPR law apply only to the personal data of people? Doesn't it apply on corporate confidential data? e.g, business secrets, patent information, copy right information, confidential email etc., if yes, which section of the GDPR mentions the same?
  • The EU GDPR toolkit structure

    Thank you for your GDPR documents and forms and updates, too.
  • Definition of personal data

    1. GDPR: Where can I get an itemized list of what personal data can be?
  • Conditions for consent

    If we use the provided forms on our website, in what manner do they have to get signed by the data subject? As one comment states: "If you use this form on a website, then an affirmative action is needed on behalf of the data subject, such as ticking a check box.” - Can you please explain in detail what the above mentioned check box would serve for? Would it replace the signature of the data subject? Generally speaking, is a signature by hand required or are there any electronic alternatives?
  • The employees data

    We are an employee benefits company who have contracts with a number of employers to manage their employee benefits. Their employees data is sent across to us to enroll the employees in benefits and at present the employees do not sign any terms and conditions with us. Under GDPR, we hold no contract with the individuals however we were wondering if we could add a clause into the contract with our clients to state that they provide us with authority to utilize the employees data to provide the benefits documented in the contract of employment held between the employer and employee?
  • Change Request Policy

    Do you provide a Change Request Policy in the templates you provide?
  • Privacy Notice

    1. I could not see a document for notifying third parties that you have received their data from someone else. Do you have one?
  • GDPR in tourism

    We are xxx - shared and sustainable airport transfers startup. We have agreed on several partnerships with airline companies and aggregators. Airline companies are worried about offering our services as a part of their booking process. A lot of airline companies go through the GDS software to their own solution and back when issuing a booking confirmation. How are we able to implement our service while being fully compliant?
  • Data subject

    Should Data subject be EU citizen or EU resident. I have a use case. We have Indian citizens working with our Client in EU. They are our employees and working with EU client on contract. They do not pay taxes in EU. Are TT hey covered by GDPR?
  • Who does the EU GDPR apply to?

    With Great Britain officially not being part of EU, will GB citizens still be affected by EU GDPR? As for which stage are we now, I work for local company in Brunei Darussalam and we do have few employees from Great Britain.
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