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  • Terms and conditions

    1) Do we have to get reconsent from each user we have on our platform? Or is it enough to notify all users that requirements and privacy notice have changed and provide an opt out option?
  • Privacy notice template

    Is the privacy notice in the templates designed for a website? Or should I have a different notice for that?
  • Required GDPR documentation

    We have a corporate client base, which includes individuals names, telephone numbers and email addresses. We also have staff and keep records of their personal details ie age, name, address, tel no, national insurance number. With regards to GDPR, do we have to submit a compliance form or do we have to keep the relevant keep records in case we get a 'visit'. Also, do you provide any templates from which we can work?
  • GDPR - Encrypted e-mails

    I am wondering if/when/how we should use encrypted e-mails at my company? In which cases could it be a necessary means to ensure some extra compliance in relation with the GDPR. Are there any general guidelines? Which information should entail encryption?
  • Mandatory EU GDPR documents

    I saw your ‘List of mandatory documents required by EU GDPR. It is quite helpful. You have 9 forms listed as non-mandatory documents. I thought that these forms are indeed mandatory?
  • Data transfer

    I'm working on a marketing freelance basis for a small business involved in small regional UK trade shows for the print industry .The data they collect on visitors to the shows is shared with the exhibitors. I'm trying to find out some info on how to approach this 'data transfer' to our associated UK exhibitors and the implications of this from a GDPR point of view please.
  • Employee security awareness training

    We had an employee security awareness training on GDPR and the whole issue of security related to users' personal data. Unfortunately, I do not find a document in which I can sign the employees on the issues related to GDPR and their responsibilities. I would be very grateful if you could send me such a document.
  • Re-consent

    I have a charity that has 20000 emails on a database but they have no record of consent, they would like to sent a email asking if they can contact the people on their database is this ok in relation to GDPR?
  • Data Protection Directive

    If someone has subscribed to receive communications from us (for example, we have an E-alert service on our website), do these people need to opt back in to GDPR? We have gotten emails from a few companies asking us to re-subscribe to continue receiving information, but I wasn’t sure if this was considered mandatory under the GDPR, as technically, the individuals had already subscribe of their own accord, pre-GDPR. Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance for your help.
  • ISO 27001/GDPR

    ISO 27001 speaks of the compliance of the ISO with governance, privacy and related obligations - implementing ISO 27001 can indicate that you need to add these requirements as additional measures to your information security?
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