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  • Personal data

    We have support portals and billing portals that have our names and our work email and/or our work phone number.Is this except from being labelled personal data? As the work email and number identify where they work, not where they live.
  • Privacy notice

    Do we need to send privacy notices out to all our work contacts, or only to any personal email addresses we might have?
  • Questions in the DPIA

    Are the questions in the DPIA register covering all risks?
  • GDPR Regions planning

    Is there another regions planning to apply similar of GDPR on their own countries? Such as US, Canada, and others.
  • Transfer data to countries outside the EEA

    We have sales partner companies located in Thailand and India. We have made reseller contract to them. They have full access to our WEB based order management system. (access to all contacts stored system). Order management system contains customer contact information.
  • Unstructured data

    What to do with unstructured data and possible personal data in archives?
  • EU GDPR article 28

    I have some related questions focusing perhaps more on GDPR than I27K:
  • GDPR- opt in or legitimate interest

    We started emailing our data last year to gain opt in in advance of GDPR go live, but have subsequently discovered that we may be able to cover our communications under the 'legitimate interest' umbrella. As we've already started the ball rolling with opt in emails, does this invalidate/impact our opportunity to use 'legitimate interest'?Hoping you can help!
  • Data Sharing Agreement

    Do you also offer Data Sharing Agreement forms Controller to Controller?
  • Meeting the requirements of the Regulation

    If someone has subscribed to receive communications from us (for example, we have an E-alert service on our website), do these people need to opt back in to GDPR? We have gotten emails from a few companies asking us to re-subscribe to continue receiving information, but I wasn’t sure if this was considered mandatory under the GDPR, as technically, the individuals had already subscribe of their own accord, pre-GDPR. Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance for your help.
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