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  • Procedure for impartiality

    Thank you for your note, and for the very useful procedures and supporting records. From my point of view, one item which is not fully covered in the suite of templates is a procedure to define how impartiality is dealt with (refence 17025:4.1.4). I guess that the procedural steps would be something like:
    • Document anticipated risks which compromise the effective management of impartiality
    • Develop counter-measures to those mitigate risks which are currently unacceptable
    • Monitor and improve as time goes by, especially by making this an agenda item for management review
    Do you have a draft procedure which I could use as a starting point for this area?
  • Documentation and PT program

    I would like to know, what if our testing (Extractacbles and Leachable in packaging material) do not have a single PT Provider?

  • ISO 17025 for Laboratory equipment

    It is actually the ISO 17025 standard that deals with laboratory equipment specifically and is that separate to the ISO 13485 ?"

  • ISO 17025 for internal quality control laboratory

    Are you able to help us adapt the documentation toolkit for ISO 17025 for an internal quality control laboratory in a food manufacturing plant?  We are not a contract laboratory and do not handle samples from outside of the company. 

  • ISO 17025 Lead Auditor Certification

    I am an ISO 17025 lead auditor, providing audits for the research and mining sectors laboratories.
    It is important to have a certification to make official my consultancies?

  • Audit Non-conforming work

    Asking about ISo17025:2017 clause 8.2.2 how to implement in a laboratory?
  • Starting the Process of getting ISO 17025 Accreditation

    Thank you for providing this service. I am beginning the process of getting our laboratory ISO 17025 accreditation. I am hoping to gather a better understanding of the proof of systems in place an auditor is looking for. There are some areas that are easier understood, for example in section 6 having SOPs and documentation of training will show how our lab abides by such requirements. Yet, for example, how does one prove impartiality and demonstrate how it eliminates or minimizes such risks? Are there specific documents for these sections an auditor will be looking for?

    I understand this is a very large question, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cost of the accreditation in terms of external assessment

    I have a question regarding the accreditation cost to ISO 17025
    I have 5 environmental analysis labs so how much does it cost for the accreditation in terms of external assessment?
    All labs are already provided with the required instruments and also procedures in place
    Thank you very much

  • Transition from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO 17025:2017

    I am working as an Assistant Management representative in a Quality testing lab that is previously ISO17025:2005, now I need transition to 17025:2017, what mandatory documents I have to prepare and how to prepare a quality manual?

  • Sampling and analysis of Measurement uncertainty

    I attended a Workshop last year - Uncertainty from sampling and analysis for accredited laboratories. I presented a PowerPoint about an approach of Uncertainty in sampling for microbiology analysis. In XYZ, our Accreditation Body still wants the presentation of sampling and analysis uncertainty or the measurement uncertainty in the report. The problem is that we do not have a standard or a guide to calculate it as we saw on the presentation of the ILAC. Do you know any document that has been published since then?
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