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  • ISO training evidence

    Are there any templates for ISO Training evidences which we have to show to the Auditor in stage 2?
  • Query pertinent to mapping controls of the revised standard to the old standard

    Hi I have a query pertinent to mapping few controls of the revised standard to the old standard. On understanding the relevant sections, I find that: #9.2.3 Management of privileged access rights does NOT appropriately map to #11.2.3 User password management as given in the mapping document of the revised standard. The two sections are not in sync to be mapped on a one-to-one basis. #9.2.4 Management of secret authentication information of users does NOT appropriately map to #11.2.4 Review of user access rights as given in the mapping document of the revised standard. Again, the two sections are not in sync to be mapped on a one-to-one basis. Please help me clarify my understanding.
  • Will ISO22301 become more important with the transistion to ISO27001:2013 ?

    I would be interested in peoples view on this as it seems that 27001:2013 has watered down the controls for BC and DR and therefore may not meet some organisations requirements in these areas?
  • Disruption or Disaster?

    Which criteria i can use in my DRP Plan to identifiy if a event is a disruption or disaster? I mean, define criteria to activate or not my DRP.
  • Definition of Physical and Tehnical security and responsibilities

    Glad I am join to this community. Here is my question: What is your definition of Physical and Tehnical security? What are areas which belongs to Physical and Technical security? How Financial institution should organise those security areas? I have not found specific definition, also I am not sure how responsibility should be delegated between CISO, CIO, Tehnical department... Physical access control, alarm central, antifire control, money transfer, UPS...Does it belongs to Physical or Tehnical security? Who is responsible?
  • Difference between plans

    Hello Dejan, What are the main difference between the business continuity plan, Incident response plan and recovery plans in your toolkit? For my DRP (IT Recovery), what are the more appropriate?
  • Matching threats and vulnerabilities

    Currently I'm doing Risk Assessments in my organization using your "Risk Assessment Table". I find it very difficult when it comes to matching Threats to Vulnerabilities. As you know I'm doing the assessments with System/Process owners or Department managers and this exercise needs a lot of corporation from them. I was wondering if it is possible to make this a much simpler approach. Like If a particular threat is selected only the vulnerabilities related to that threat will show up in the Vulnerabilities column, so it is much easier to match rather than scrolling through the whole list. Please advise on making this task simple.
  • How can I approach the certification body to gain audit experience

    I am started to learning of ISMS-ISO27001 controls and successfully completed the ISMS-Lead auditor course. How can i approach the certification body to gain my audit experiences and to became a lead auditor? Please give your valuable suggestions.
  • Where to start from as a new CISO

    Soon I'll achieve a position of CISO in a commercial organization. What should I start from on this position? What shall I do first?
  • ISO 27001:2013 and KPIs

    The iso 27001:2013 states that a organization shall use kpi's. Where in the toolbox can i find those kip’s?