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  • What is GAP analysis tool?

    What is the gap analysis tool for ISO 14000 : 2015?
  • Where to start ISO 14001 implemtntation

    I just want to know where to start ISO 14001 implementation.
  • Environmental aspects and objectives

    1. I'm attempting to do all my aspects and impacts in excel. I have an environmental objects tab and targets tab. Do I have to set a target for every aspect or just the ones that are significant?
  • Implementing 2004 before 2015 revision

    I was just wondering if you could give me your opinion on whether or not you think it would be beneficial for companies who are not ISO 14001 certified to achieve ISO 14001:2004 prior to achieving ISO 14001:2015 OR if you think it's better if companies go straight towards achieving ISO 14001:2015 and skip over v. 2004?
  • Life-cycle and environmental aspects evaluation

    Can I conduct life cycle evaluation together with environment aspect evaluation? I am so confused with life cycle issues in ISO 14001:2015, I need a detail guidance. By the way, what ​is the ​purpose of life cycle consideration is in EMS?
  • Product life-cycle and nonconformity

    Certification auditor launches to our company a CAR as follows “No evidence of the controls toward related processes have been made to ensure that environmental requirements are considered on life-cycle of products and services (from purchasing, design & development, production, delivery, transportation, using ) acc to clause 8.1, ISO 14001-2015) “Can you kindly help me how to meet this requirement ?
  • Procedure for work environment

    I have been given a task by my boss to write down a procedure on Work Environment so I do not know where to start.
  • Internal audit before certification according to new version

    We are transitioning from 14001:2004 to 2015. We already have an internal auditing procedure which states that we'll audit each element (under 2004 standard) every 2 years. My question: if I intend to become certified to new standard say in Fall 2016--would I be expected to conduct an internal audit BEFORE getting a full audit?
  • Definition of an aspect

    I don't understand 100 % the definition of an aspect.... Can you give me an example of activity, aspect, impact, input , etc ?
  • Aspect and Impact Analysis in the new version (2015)

    As we already conducted and recorded the aspect impact analysis based on the ISO 14001:2004 standard, and we did not change in any of our activities in the organization. should I update my aspect impact register for changing our certificate to ISO 14001:2015?
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