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  • KPIs related to consultancy

    What can be KPIs which we can set for a consultancy team?

  • ISO that regulates the Guideline from the application of ISO 17025

    Is there any other ISO that regulates the Guideline from the application of ISO 17025?

  • Are intermediate checks required for calibration laboratories?

    The intermediate checks are required for calibration laboratories?
  • Technical Records

    Hello, I hope you are well.
    I am looking for guidance regarding the completion of technical records in terms of leaving blanks in sections that are not required, e.g. a temperature monitoring record will have 2 blank rows out of every 7 as the temperature is not recorded at the weekends. I want technicians to write N/A in cells that do not need completing but want to back that up with a Standard reference. Is that the sort of question you can answer?

  • What is the efficient way and tricks to address, handle and treat the risk and opportunity?

    What is the efficient way and tricks to address, handle and treat the risk and opportunity? We are proceeding to cover all risks and opportunities for our laboratory activities and I'm asking is there a generic optimum (more efficient) method to carry out this task?

  • Auditing impartiality

    How do you audit impartiality, how do you ensure impartiality in a testing laboratory according to ISO17025:2017?
  • SOP and authority record

    1. When they say the procedure can that be guideline or does it have to be an SOP? Also I thought in the std when it specifies that procedure then you need an SOP? But for audit and management review i have a record template and not SOP.

    2. For the authority record is it a list of staff, names, employee ID#, with list required authority and do they sign the form? Or is it a general document with all the information such as technician ,specialist, manager, Director, etc

  • Laboratory activity - where to draw the line

    If a laboratory is accredited ISO 17025 for testing, but in order to perform the tests it has to verify his equipments and calibrate them according to ISO 17025 requirement procedure before executing the tests, my question is: if the laboratory can perform calibration to prove it’s tests adequacy why can it do calibration activity (offer calibration service and provide calibration certificate for clients) as well besides the testing?

  • New measurement system

    Which standard defines how a new measurement system (CMM for example) should be run off and proven OK for use?

  • Procedures listed in equipment's manual

    1. 6.4.3 The laboratory shall have a procedure for handling, transport, storage, and use and planned maintenance of equipment, these procedures could they be the ones that listed in the equipment's manual? Or a procedure must be created according to the manual and the laboratory's policy? 2. If the laboratory has a code of ethics and conducts, to which every employee signed his agreement to respect, does that prove the company's impartiality and confidentiality?
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