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  • Expert queries

    1) techniques of extracting objective evidence in auditing

    2) how to improve on my auditing competency

    3) how do you relate ISO 9001 with other quality ISO like ISO 15189:2012? Do i need ISO 9001 to implement ISO 15189:2012?

  • Scope of accreditation

    The scope of accreditation will fall under which clause of 17025:2017?

  • Clause 6.2.2

    requirements for education, qualification, training, technical knowledge, skills and experience. what are the meaning of qualification ,experience
  • Clause 7.7 7.7.1

    The resulting data shall be recorded in such a way that trends are detectable and, where practicable, statistical techniques shall be applied to review the results. This monitoring shall be planned and reviewed and shall include, where appropriate, but not be limited to from (a to K) please can you explain b, c, d, h please can you describe Data from monitoring activities shall be analysed, used to control and, if applicable, improve the laboratory’s activities. If the results of the analysis of data from monitoring activities are found to be outside pre-defined criteria, appropriate action shall be taken to prevent incorrect results from being reported.
  • ISO 17025:2017 calibration Vs verification

    I’m a quality manager and we have an internal audit plane this month what the best procedure to perform Lab. Audit according to ISO 17025 : 2017 in the pandemic of Covid-19 ?
    On the other hands what if the lab. Do only verification by blind samples ( quality control ) that they make for lab . instruments and he find the results e corrects and he didn't make calibration as it listed the calibration list period?

  • What to write in quality manual and audit plan

    I am having a hard time to figure out what I should write in our quality manual and an audit plan, if we wish to use an external company for the internal audit.

  • Enquiry on implementation on Engineering projects

    I will like to know how to set up a project applying the said standard and the effects of ISO 17025 on projects and how I can obtain a certification for the same ISO. To show competence on potential employers.

  • Risk assessment

    1. How should risk assessment be done?
    2. And in which areas should the risk assessment be performed?

  • Clause

    1. If I can not purchase the last version of the method right now, can I use the old one?

    2. If not, what mean of "unless it is not appropriate or possible to do so." in this clause.

  • Calibration Requirements

     I'd like to know if calibration service providers are required by the ISO 17025 standard to provide clients with a calibration recall list for the calibrated measuring equipment.

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