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  • Is it necessary having third party come to certify accuracy of my equipment periodically

    I am going through tons of information I downloaded your clause by clause document and it was helpful.  I do have one question.  The units I am looking at have recommendations on how often to calibrate the sensors and gauges.   My question is as a NRTL do I have to have a third party come in a certify the accuracy of my equipment periodically?  If so how often?

  • Level of competence

    I just need to ask a question regarding the level of competence required for an individual in order to sign off on test results within a lab. We are assessing the application of 17025 and just getting a bit of information together first to see where we stand with finances etc and this area will be significant. Question really is to ask if an individual who has 20 years plus of experience with both methods and hands on experience and is really knowledgeable on the subject, it that sufficient to provide responsible sign off of product even although the individual is not a doctor or a professional body member etc. Obviously all of the documentation such as risk etc will support the sign off and the company already has 13485 as its QMS certification. Is there a document that woudl define teh requirements to sign off on testing and results etc... Thank you for your time

  • Addressing Improvement clause

    1. How to address Improvement clause?

    2. What data should be included in the context of Improvement data analysis

  • Clause 8.1 Management system requirements

    Good afternoon. Thank you and I hope I will get assistance. We are currently working towards accreditation and actually at a training workshop  .... document review. I am working on clause 8.1 Management system requirements and would like to come up with a procedure for this clause
  • Converting from 17025:2015 to 17025:2017

    when we convert to 17025 2017 from 17025 2015 do we need to format new documents or we can change the number of existing document.

  • Key positions in ISO 17025

    I have a question about organization chart for iso 17025.
    we are small laboratory and I am wondering what are the key positions?

  • Special training for employees to help in implementing ISO 17025

    Good day

    I am working on a plan to get up and running with the ISO 17025 for our lab and there is one thing that I am wondering about.

    This is an Aquaculture company and currently, I am the only employee on the lab, the reason for why we are looking into ISO 17025 is that we are doing most of our measurement our self and want to be able to private the government our information without asking the 3rd party to make the samples ( of course in some cases that will always be necessary) and we also want to be able to offer our serves to other aquaculture company.

    Ok now I come to the main question, I am the only employee in the lab but I have the aquaculture technicians to help me some times in some of the projects (those projects do not take place in the lab itself but are part of the lab work). Do I need to set up a special training program for them?

  • ISO 17025 accreditation Of laboartory

    Wanted to take information about final audit.our lab is being accreditated through PNAC(accreditation body) what are the basic requirements to meet standards of 17025.from documentation till testing.

  • Using Non-ISO Clients on Controlled Forms

    I have a PhD and have been creating/building/working in an ISO17025 laboratory for over 30 years. Today, I was helping a fellow company with an internal audit. On one of the ISO controlled forms I noticed that full names of companies have been completely spelt out (process deficiency, confidentiality deficiency). The lab manager (not very experienced) said that because those non-ISO clients are on an ISO form, they don't count for confidentiality and process rules under ISO. Shocked, I didn't know what to say. Is it a documentation deficiency to list non-ISO clients on ISO internally controlled documents?

  • Is the calibration certificate number sufficient to control the calibration certificate issued to customers?  

    Is the calibration certificate number sufficient to control the calibration certificate issued to customers?  
    We usually do is we indicate format no in our calibration certificate,  work sheet and calibration template form.

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