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  • Cost of the accreditation in terms of external assessment

    I have a question regarding the accreditation cost to ISO 17025
    I have 5 environmental analysis labs so how much does it cost for the accreditation in terms of external assessment?
    All labs are already provided with the required instruments and also procedures in place
    Thank you very much

  • Transition from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO 17025:2017

    I am working as an Assistant Management representative in a Quality testing lab that is previously ISO17025:2005, now I need transition to 17025:2017, what mandatory documents I have to prepare and how to prepare a quality manual?

  • Sampling and analysis of Measurement uncertainty

    I attended a Workshop last year - Uncertainty from sampling and analysis for accredited laboratories. I presented a PowerPoint about an approach of Uncertainty in sampling for microbiology analysis. In XYZ, our Accreditation Body still wants the presentation of sampling and analysis uncertainty or the measurement uncertainty in the report. The problem is that we do not have a standard or a guide to calculate it as we saw on the presentation of the ILAC. Do you know any document that has been published since then?
  • ISO 17025 implementation

    Quickly, I wanted to check with you, if one service providing company is having a few equipment and calibration of the same is in house, so in that case, ISO 17025 implementation is a must?

  • Laboratory accreditation

    What is the most suitable quality certificate for a veterinary diagnostic laboratory? Is it important to get ISO 17025 for the above lab?

  • Calibration of measurement equipment

    Hello, I am wondering if a medical company can calibrate their own measurement equipment? They would use this calibrated equipment to measure specific parameter of the instruments they sell.

  • SOP and accreditation for testing method

    We are initiating to get accreditation for ISO 17025:2017 for our laboratory, we are pharmaceutical company having all the related SOP's for ISO 9001:2015, etc.
    All the required SOP's related to laboratory working including testing procedure, calibration/qualification of equipment, validation of methods/qualification of personnel working in lab for their competency.etc. what you suggest we can get it done easily.
    Secondly, is it required to get accreditation for each testing method perform in the lab? or just need to prove that we are working as a competent lab as all the tests performed under the required environment using qualified equipment by competent personnel.

  • Root cause analysis and CAR form

    I have some asking for my clear understanding on Root cause analysis as well as CAR form.
    What is the process?
    What are the procedures?
    What is the technical errors?
    What is non-technical errors?
    Which subjects will be considered as a training problem.
    What is the difference between process and procedures?
    What is immediate action?
    What is corrective action?

    Do you have any best guidelines that will help me to be an expert on CAR- PAR.
    Please advise.

  • Differences in Risk Analysis

    What are the differences in Risk Analysis of ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17025?

  • Self Declaration to 17025

    What are the steps to be taken to declare an Organisation involved in calibration and testing for Self Declaration to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard?

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