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  • Which clause in ISO 17025:2017 does talk about any exclusion?

    which clause in ISO 17025:2017 does talk about any exclusion?

  • First document to have as a starting point for lab quality system

    hi am about to start implementing my lab quality system. New in the field. am struggling to understand what is the first document to have as a starting point. I established the LMS myself, successfully so. I also need to know if or do I have the option to implement the LMS manually or can I buy or get the software to implement it because it looks like too much work. Please advise.

  • Requirements for proficiency testing / ILC and repeatability & repeatability

    For initial first gap assessment by Certification body what is the requirements for proficiency testing / ILC and repeatability & repeatability?

  • Definition of validity of method

    Which is the definition of validity of a method? Is validity synonym of accuracy?

  • Detailed chain of custody from a lab accredited ISO17025

    I have had a lab test done to determine a chemical substance quantity at a lab certified ISO17025. The sample went to further labs. The certified 17025 lab refuses to provide a chain of custody with full records and photographs stating they are notobliged to
  • Can aflatoxin be accredited using ELISA?

    can aflatoxin be accredited using ELISA? for an ISO17025 accredited lab

  • Requirements for implementation of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in quality control lab

    I want to know what the requirements to implementation of ISO /IEC 17025/2017 in quality control lab

  • ISO 17025 : 2017 transition stage

    Do we need to maintain improvement list?

  • Inability of reaching the work place due to lockdown

    What if, because of the lockdown, the authorized signatory and alternate authorized signatory cannot visit work place and/or reached to obtain their signature on test reports which need to be sent to customers?

  • Applicability of 17025 to GMP analytical laboratory

    The question is about the applicability of 17025 to our operations. We are a GMP analytical laboratory that conducts lot release testing for pharmaceutical and/or biological products used in clinical trials and eventually for commercial.  We abide by 21CFR11.  

    We only test these medicines. We do not manufacture. 

    Does ISO 17025 apply to our operations?

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