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  • Calibration

    Do ISO 17025:2017 allow me to calibrate my auto titrater with a certified reference material like A class glassware?

  • Working as an assessor for ISO/IEC 17025

    I would like to ask you about working as an assessor for ISO/IEC 17025, how could you help me? I hope to listen from you.
  • Accreditation of 17025

    1. I would like to know if all the used samples should be a CRM samples in order to obtain the 17025 accreditation and if we could realise just one repetability reproductibility test on one sample and compare the results with a CRM sample.
    2. we use a Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry to realise the chemical analysis (zinc and aluminium), there is any criteria in the iso 17025 that obligate us to use an ASTM OR AN iso reference and if yes what should we do if our range of work is out the range mentionned if the standard.

  • 17025 accreditation

    I want to set an industry standard for anilox volume measurement , We have developed a fully automated , closed loop process that is secure and accurate i think ISO 17025 would be the correct accreditation

  • Is it mandatory to write a specific procedure for impartiality?

    Is it mandatory to write a specific procedure for impartiality?

  • Re-calibration time

    There is a debate about the recalibration date, we perform our plan on monthly basis & the auditor insists to be done by day, so the calibration validity ends by the cal. month which method is more accurate?

  • Equipment qualification

    I come from a cGMP background so DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ is standard for all equipment, but now I'm trying to set up an ISO 17025 compliant lab and am not sure if I need to do the same qualification. Would calibration and verification to make sure the equipment is functioning (using a lab developed reference standard, if CRM is not available) suffice?
  • Measurment uncentriy

    Can you help me to found more reference about Measurment uncentrity .?

  • Environmental sample handling

    What are the best methods and procedure on handling samples according to International best practices. Example waste water (effluent) and potable water)?

  • Verification and validation

    Dear Tracey,
    Hope you are doing well,
    Actually, I need your help to find the accurate and the most clear difference between validation and verification on the laboratory.
    I really appreciate your answer.
    Thank you for your time.

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