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  • ISO 14001 vs ISO 14025

    I was recently being assigned a task as quality representative of the company. I came across ISO 14025 in some article and other website. But most people familiar with ISO 14001 instead. My question is, what is the different between these two standards? Which one is more comprehensive?
  • Demonstrate evidence of understanding the context

    How to show evidence for understanding your organisation and its context?
  • ISO 14001 transition and ISO 13485

    I am working for a small company, approximately 23 employees and we already have 14001:2004. I need to upgrade to 2015 version by June 2018 and wish to get started in mid September. Our company currently has an Integrated Systems Manual and all our procedures quote the relevant clauses for both 14001 and 13485. Can you advise what is the best toolkit to use for the size of our company. Also as our Quality and EMS Manual are combined into one how can the toolkit assist me with updating this and all the other documents in the system?
  • Calibration according to ISO 14001:2015

    Hi, I have a question, according ISO 14001:2015. when we do internally calibration for measuring equipment /tools, do the person who do the calibration has to be certified? Thanks.
  • Is the risks evaluation necessary

  • Exmple of risks and opportunities

    I have query on risk & opportunities. Could you show me a sample?
  • Defining criteria for evaluation of environmental aspects

    I'm looking for the criteria used to establish rationale for calculating the environmental Aspect/impact calculation
  • Setting up ISO 14001 in construction company

    Our company wants to set up complete environment management system we need help.
  • Applicability of ISO 14001

    I just wanted to know whether this ISO 14001:2004/2015 is applicable or useful for manufacturing units like valve manufacturers/ pipe manufacturers etc.
  • Setting up EMS in construction company

    Our company wants to set up complete environment management system we need help
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