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  • ISO 9001 Questions

    Thanks to the support by clarifying me bellow questions:

    1/Example of determining the requirements for products and services, meaning what features the product or service will have in the organization;
    2/Example of the scope of QMS and its evidence in any organization ;
    3/ Example of process design/service in any organization ;
    4/ Example of  establishment and documenting the criteria for suppliers selection in any organization ;
    5/Example of  establishment and documenting the criteria Production and service provision in any organization 

  • ISO 9001 Engineering drawing

    Where can I find the guide on archiving engineering drawing?

  • ISO 9001 Warehouses

    What is the specific ISO covering the warehouses?

  • ISO 9001 Risk Assessment

    I have done my own Risk Assessment. I am looking for a different method to calculate it. Please can you assist? 

  • ISO 9001 external documents

    How can I make a procedure for the external documents, and how can I revise the external documents? 

  • ISO 9001 non-conformities

    How do you derive to a non-conformity?

  • ISO 9001 non-conformities

    How about if we encounter power interruption and due to that we have product non-conformities. Is it allowed to say "Beyond our control" in corrective action or putting "N/A"?

  • ISO 9001 3 metods

    What are the 3 methods an organization could use to facilitate effective internal communication?

  • ISO 9001 design and development

    Can I exclude design and development 8.3. the clause from my QMS If we only render service such as "Surface production drilling and blasting? 

  • Performance indicators for employee evaluation

    What are the performance indicators of an employee to be evaluated?

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