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  • ISO 9001 Manufacturing devices delivery guidelines

    Can I get some guidelines for the delivery of manufacturing devices?

    I need an example of product delivery documentation.

  • Duration of surveillance audit

    Just one question - how long does a surveillance audit last?

  • Delivery department documentation

    Which iso documentation needs to be described for the delivery department?

  • Strategic intent

    Strategic intent, HBR April 2008, I don't have a standard so I wonder if the terms, Mission, Vision, Strategic Intent are mentioned in the standard-version 2015 and whether a documented info must exist and be kept about it.

  • Risk based thinking in ISO 9001-2015

    I need practical examples of ISO 9001 - 2015 -risk-based thinking.

  • ISO 9001 Continuous Improvement Process

    How can I best represent all interfaces of the Continuous Improvement Process graphically for all employees?

  • ISO 9001 implementation

    How we implement quality management system and what is needed to implement

  • Consultant performance review

    What shall the company take action for receiving consultant performance review from the Client?

  • Pregunta ISO 9001-2015

    ¿Se puede realizar un sistema de gestión a un área en especifico?

  • Implementing accreditation and quality assurance at a university

    What should the department of education and student affairs do to implement accreditation and quality assurance at the university? For example. Curriculum design framework, teaching loading framework and marks framework, etc.

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