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  • ISO 9001 scope of the quality management system in a cemetery

    "Do I need the scope of the quality management system to carry out in a company which is called the Prados de Paz cemetery?"

  • ISO 9001 Mandatory processes

    I want to know if it is mandatory or necessary to put in place the finance process and the safety process when implementing the QMS based on ISO 9001?

  • Implementing ISO 9001:2015

    I want to certify for the test.
    We have not done an internal audit, but I was led to believe that a person needed to be certified to do that, is this true?
    What happens if we fail to pass our certification test?

  • Creating a template for an equipment PM plan

    I would like to know how to plan for/create a template for an equipment PM plan? 

  • The calibration validity by tracing the calibration record

    I have found a calibration sticker missing from two pieces of equipment. However, the calibration was still valid by tracing the calibration record. I am not sure if non-confirmation or observation is according to ISO 9001-2015? 

  • Conception and development in ISO 9001

    May I ask you about the conception and development paragraph of ISO 9001: 2015.
    Does it apply in the case of imitating a model part given by the client?
    We are just measuring its dimensions to draw our manufacturing plan which will be displayed in the plant.

  • ISO Quality management for service giving public institutions

    Can we use ISO Quality management for service giving public institutions? 

  • How to implement QMS?

    How should I implement QMS? Should it be drawn up according to the clauses/principles & mandatory requirements? Should I then link and structure them in the correct manner? 

  • ISO 9001:2015 kurulumu


    bir işletmeye KYS ISO 9001:2015 kurulumu yapılacak veya var olan dokümanlar kontrol edilecek. 

    Danışmanlık almadan izlenecek metodlar belirli midir ?
    Yani bir iş akışı var mıdır yapılacak işlerin listesi gibi ?

    ISO standart maddeleri belirli ve anlaşılmıştır ancak istenilen "net doküman adı ve içeriği" nedir diye bakılacak bir metod var mıdır ?


    Yani kurumun verilerinin izlenmesini takibini ister yerine "Yıllık Veri Tablosu" ister içerik olarak ay ay hurdalar, üretimler vs bilgileri girmeniz gerekir örneğinde olduğu gibi. 



  • Maintaining two risk registers for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

    is it mandatory to maintain two risk register for ISO 9001 an ISO 27001 respectively?

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