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  • Employee Job Description in ISO 9001-2015

    Can anyone tell me why an auditor would ask to see an employee's job description? Is there a paragraph in the standard that supports this part of the audit?

  • ISO 9001 documents and processes for implementation

    1.Quality manual is compulsory for 9001:2015?
    2. One organization contains different processes, so they required process separate process documentation or in one it is included?
    3. Does documents required clause no. mentioned in their header or footer? or only mentioning in process documentation is enough

  • Implementación de ISO 9001-2015

    ¿Cómo iniciar con la implementación de la ISO 9001-2015? ¿ Qué pasos debo seguir si no cuento con toda la información de la empresa?

  • ISO 9001 Corrective action

    I need to know about verification of corrective action.
    I Isolated the SMB & string Checked all String VOC found out of 12 string 6 string get burnt due to a short circuit; Repaired the string after isolation.

  • ISO 9001 awareness of hospital QMA

    I want to know about the detailed awareness of hospital QMA according to ISO 9001. 

  • ISO 9001 Audit objectives

    Are the objective of the audit program and the audit plan for the entire agency different from the objectives of the process of the internal auditor?

  • ISO 9001 MRM & MOM

    Can you please give me some knowledge about MRM & MOM?
  • Procedure sign-off under ISO 9001

    Which parties need to sign off on a procedure?
  • Where to begin implementing ISO 9001 for a Port Authority

    I am assisting the Head of the quality unit at the port authority at XY to implement ISO 9001, please indicate where to start.

  • Guidelines for the control of external origin documents

    I am looking for guidelines for the control of external origin documents in ISO 9001. 

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