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  • ISO 9001 MRM & MOM

    Can you please give me some knowledge about MRM & MOM?
  • Procedure sign-off under ISO 9001

    Which parties need to sign off on a procedure?
  • Where to begin implementing ISO 9001 for a Port Authority

    I am assisting the Head of the quality unit at the port authority at XY to implement ISO 9001, please indicate where to start.

  • Guidelines for the control of external origin documents

    I am looking for guidelines for the control of external origin documents in ISO 9001. 

  • Writing quality assurance policies

    How to write quality assurance policies in a drinking water company?
  • ISO 9001 - Mechanical Design Process

    I have been tasked with writing a Mechanical Design Process for our ISO certification, and I am not sure where to begin.

  • Is ISO 9001 listing of activities mandatory

    I would like to ask if the listing of the activities listed in an ISO 9001 (or even ISO 14001) certificate is mandatory. That is, a certificate indicating the following activities: design and construction of civil buildings + restoration of immovable property subject to protection are equivalent or actually covers a wider scope than a certificate in which only the design and construction of civil buildings is declared?
    From my point of view, the first covers the categories OG1 and OG2 while the second only the OG1 category, is that correct?

  • Post-market surveillance

    Is a complaint management system needed for ISO 9001 QMS, what type of post-market surveillance is needed for ISO 9001 2015?

  • ISO 9001 DI controls visibility

    We have a complaints policy for our service users on our website. Do we need to add DI controls on that document (make it visible for our service users) i.e. version, date, etc.. or can we not have any visible controls, as long as we can show our background system ensures we always have the latest copy on our website?

  • ISO 9001 questions

    First question -What questions should be asked in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 for internal audit examination at the teaching and student affairs department within the university?

    Second question - There will be risks in teaching, practice, and student affairs at the university. Please share to learn more.

    Third question -What topics and topics to study if implementing the quality assurance path under ISO 9001-2015 at the university? 

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