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  • SRS in Software Product Deleopment

     I would like to know is SRS is required for Software product development? Please clarify my doubt.
  • Exclusion of clause 7.3 Design and Development

     Design and development. When do you exclude design and development in your Quality Management System?
  • Development of Quality Objectives

     Is it necessary to develop Quality Objectives every year ?
  • Mandatory documents for project and product development company?

    Our company is a start-up company.Having product and project development and we are planning to get the ISO 9001 certification. For that what are the documents we need to maintain from getting requirements to release the product as per the ISO standards. Could you please provide the details as i request?
  • 2008 or 2015?

    My question is would it be better to implement the 2015 or is it okay with 2008 and why?
  • QMS audit of EPC projects

    How to conduct QMS audit for EPC project?
  • Where to start the transition

    We implement ISO 9001:2008 QMS what I want to ask is where to start to implement the new version of the system (2015)?
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