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  • Implementing ISO 9001

    Just want to understand steps required to implement the QMS from the beginning. Where can one start and what documentation is necessary?
  • Step by step implementation of ISO 9001

    How to get ISO 9001 certification step by step?
  • Roles and responsibilities of Internal Auditor

     My question is, as an internal auditor, what are your roles and responsibilities during an internal audit?
  • Steps in Internal Audit

    As am doing my training, please help me get to know how i can go about an Internal Audit for mu Organisation and what are possible records i should look for during an Internal Audit.
  • Starting QMS implementation

    Sir please tell me how to implement ISO 9001, I have no idea about implementation.
  • Form of writing procedures

     Is there a specific way/method/form of writing the 6 mandatory procedures? (e.g. Control of Documents). May I have an example please? Is there an article which explains about documents?
  • Configuration Management vs Record Control

    I would like to find out the difference between Control of Records and Configuration Management. Does ask requires organisations to have both?
  • Changes in ISO 9001:2015

     I believe that there will be changes to the QMS system next year, is there any information that a person could get regarding the changes to 2015.
  • Nonconformities of outsource partners

     We have two Outsourced Process which we are responsible.We have a contract with both of them. [ with specific terms and regulations- e.g. about environment protection, waste legislation, economic factors, etc. ] During our control on both of them, if we suspect a problem:
  • Work instructions for outsource partners

    We need to give ‘Work Instructions’ to our outsource process.