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  • Auditing production process

    I have a responsibility to audit d production department of my company, its actually my first time, please can you just give me few tips to go about it.
  • Audit process according to ISO 9001:2015

    Now ISO 9001 2015 published, I want to know the audit process in absence of manual,procedure, records. How to define the risk in processes, it is logical question.
  • Management review and performance evaluation

    I was just wondering if you could please give me some advise on what should be covered in the Management Review for Process Performance and Product Conformity.
  • Quality Objectives and Quality Manual

     We are a company that produces leather (tannery) Trying to write our quality objective and manual to help kick start the process of preparing of stage 1 audit
  • Templates, forms and records

    The difference between forms & templates.For instance I'm doing a internal audit report layout, should it be a form / template. And as per iso must form have the unique form number displayed ?
  • Implementation of ISO 9001 in small business

    I need more customers and one way to attract them is ISO 9001 can I implement it without a consultant, if so whats best way?Do I need copy of ISO standard also?
  • ISO 9001 certification for organic food industry

    In order to get the iso certificate what formalities should be done?
  • Starting ISO 9001 in public department

    i work in a public department and ask how can i implement iso 9001 with the documents required. can i have these document to help me in this direction
  • Getting ISO 9001 certificate

      I would like to register iso , am having an engineering company which deals with mine repairs.
  • ECR & ECO

     I wanted to ask you whether  is there any difference ECR (Engineering Change Request) and ECO (Engineering Change Order) . And how do these affect the continuous improvement of any organization? I mean can I consider both of them as quality objectives ? Like reduce minimum cycle time for ECO by 3 days and reduce ECR percentage by 1.