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  • Auditing without documented audit procedure

    How is internal audit is listed in the mandatory documents as well as non mandatory documents under the section- List of mandatory documents required by ISO 9001:2015" Internal audit program (clause 9.2) and Results of internal audits (clause 9.2) are mandatory but Procedure for internal audit (clause 9.2) are not mandatory) without a procedure can you run internal audit program?
  • Document control

    What are necessary documents that Document Controller must have from other department? Is it necessary all documents or forms? what are those necessary forms that Document controller must collect or must keep?
  • ISO 9001 risk assessment and FMEA

    Please, kindly advise me that how to do risk based assessment & context of the organization. If we use FMEA tools for this, can you send us sample sheet.
  • Implementing risk management

    I want to know how to implement Risk management and templates of the same.
  • ISO certification for SMME

    I currently depend solely on information supplied by GOOGLE and I would like further assistance. there is a likelihood that we will be of service to Overseas clients and though we have submitted our details viz:- company profile ,company registration details,mission-vision and values statement, together with our level BBBEE Certification,they still require an ISO Certification,Please can you help? Our manufactured products are for the Military,Mining,Automotive,Aviation & Telecommunication industries.
  • Internal audits, KPIs and Management review according to ISO 9001:2008

    I want to know about documentation preparation for ISO 9001:2008 / Internal Audits / Management review meeting / KPIs- How to set up KPIs and sample document for Departments wise etc. including role and responsibility of Management Representative
  • Document control procedure -not a requirement but a recommendation

    ISO 9001:2015 dose not require documented procedure for control of documented information, but experts recommends as " a best practice " to have documented procedure for proper control.
  • Ratifying documents

    I was wondering, How can I manage the term ratify a document like format or procedure. Nowadays I have 30 different document that expire.
  • Defining quality objectives

    what are the quality objectives I can put for QMS like customer satisfaction, customer complaints, internal audit results, system improvement can I put as one of quality objective for QMS? Can u please clarify that system improvement how can I measure?
  • Document types to be controlled in QMS

    Please what are the document type you can control in QMS